Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cherry Tokyo's Kimono

I went on a shopping trip to one of Cherry Tokyo's Kimono shops at Boracay Island ( in search of a furisode kimono.

I had been there a few times before contemplating on getting a kimono for some time now....I remember that Cherry had furisodes-sooo what better way to wrap up the furisode kimono topic than with one of Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos! :)

I browsed around the store and found a variety fo beautiful kimono styles, other Asian wear, and some menswear. Hey Fellas! Cherry said that she is expanding the menswear line this week!

She has new kimonos out that come with: flexi skirt prims, basic shoes, Oiran and a Geisha/Maiko obi, flexi sleeves, uchikake (Japanese overcoat) & prim arm sleeves, 3 tiered prim collar, skirt, glitch pants, shirt, & a body shape.

Well, I have made my selection. I purchased the green furisode kimono. The cost for this kimono was $400L which includes at least 11 pieces (skirt, sleeves, shirt, collar, fans, and obi). I head home to take more photos.

I would suggest that you join her update group (search in "All" and enter: Cherry Tokyo's Kimono) for sales and freebies.

I also suggest that you check out her blog Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos for the newest outfits, updates, and sales. I missed a recent sale! LOL!

Here is a view of the furisode kimono with Sensu and Maiko collar. A geisha collar is included as an option.

The obi bow and sleeves are flexible. I took various shots so that you can see the fabric detail.

I like this colors of this kimono. I will purchase another kimono from this vendor......however, while I was at the store there were a few Korean outfits that has caught my eye for a possible future topic.....hummmmm....giggles!

The Wrap Up
Here is a listing of Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos Store SLURLs:
Main Store
Let me know if you want to know more detail about the vendor, outfit, or other information in future posts, or past posts. Hugs!


Cherry Tokyo said...

The kimono really looks good on you! Thanks for posting about my shop as well! ^_~ You're a sweetheart!

Jeff said...

you should totally write out a timeline so that i know if its ok what to wear...