Wednesday, July 4, 2007

House of Zen

Well, this is my first visit in my journey to search for culturally and/or historically inspired clothing in Second Life.(SL). I love wearing a Kimono, so I did a search in SL to see what was out there. I came upon a store called The House of Zen. Hummm sounds like a great place to start!

As you can tell in the picture above, the store is beautifully and richly designed. The owners of the House of Zen located in Hinode Shima (195, 98, 25) are Zen Deledda & Racknar Prevost. It is located in a beautifully designed Asian themed Sim. Zen and Raccknar’s clothing prices range from 50L to 1500L.

I purchased the blue silk Tsunami Kimono.

Raf is looking over the men's line.

The House of Zen has a large selection of Oriental clothing as well as hair, shoes and accessories for men and women. A few of the Oriental influences were of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in nature. They are currently setting up their blog to keep customers aware of the latest fashion and other information (

"Honey...I have my eye on another outfit OK?" (lol).

So then I took a stroll around the Hinode Shima Sim and found other shops there that are worth checking out. I found a hot-looking Yellow Salsa dress on sale that I could not pass up!

I wandered further to find that the beautiful and peaceful Sim has a mountain side with waterfalls and quiet areas. I can imagine the owners retreating to this area to relax and meditate.

Ahhh, yes this was indeed a fun adventure! But I must go now to...meditate! *smiles

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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Good initial entry - liked the last pic alot!