Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Blue Lotus Okiya

This morning, I received an invite to a geisha performance at the Blue Lotus Okiya [The Blue Lotus Okiya, Marito Island (71, 73, 30)] from Cherry Tokyo . I gladly accepted her invitation because I had never attended a geisha performance longer than ten minutes before needing to exit to attend to give the real world some necessary attention.

When I arrived the performance was already in process. and I was greeted by one of the geishas.

I took an open seat at the table close to the stage with Cherry Tokyo, Caliah Lyon, and Stephan Bentham.

Cherry was eating a meal that looked great, so I decided to order something also. I selected a grilled fish and hot tea. I was also checking out Cherry's kimono (lol, it is after all what I do-blog about kimonos!). She was wearing the Leaves Kimono. It is a sage green kimono with a soft yellow, green and white floral pattern (flexi). You have to see this kimono to appreciate the floral detail in the kimono and obi, very feminine.

The performance was wonderful. The geisha's danced, played music, and read for us.

The geisha dances were well choreographed, and the particle fan help make the performance feel even more magical.

For their final performance, they danced together.

The performing Blue Lotus Geisha were:
Maiko LiliAnna Carter, Jr. Geiko Milido Yoshikawa, Maiko Kyoko Mikita, and Geisha Marianna Barbosa.
This was a really great performance, and I would love to attend more performances. If you like Geisha performances or if it will be your first time, please stop by the Blue Lotus Okiya, they are very nice and you will enjoy the music and performance. *smiles
Shop talk:
All the performers wore the Snowflake Kimono from Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos (see sidebar for link to Cherry Tokyo's blog and additional information). The Snowflake kimono costs 400L (2 prim collar options, 3 sleeve option, fleximotion obi). The Particle Dancing fans cost 300L and offer 2 different color choices.

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audrey03 said...

Just thought I'd Let you know that the Blue Lotus has moved to a beautifully built sim. Heres the SLURL if your interested.