Friday, August 3, 2007

Geisha Hakutsuru

Geisha Hakutsuru
Originally uploaded by
Siyu Suen

When I saw this picture posted by Siyu Suen on Flickr, I had to ask her if I could post it in my blog. *smiles (I am glad she gave her approval!)

She is wearing the Geisha Hakutsuru from Bare Rose. I included her post (below) because I thought it was a great description of what she thought about Geisha, how she obtained the shot, and she credits where she purchased or obtained most of the items she is wearing (outfit, skin, hair, eyes, and parasol).

Siyu Suen's Flickr comments about her Geisha Hakutsuru photo shoot:

Some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever gotten from a photoshoot., these
make me feel like no matter what, even if you don't think you're improving you
are.This, to me, is the epitome of Geisha. Not that I'm exactly an expert on
them, but when I think of them I see beauty, extreme modesty, and grace. And
this picture more than embodies all of that.When I first uploaded this, I didn't
realized that there were some serious mesh glitches, squares of strange shadow.
and in general odd things going on with the glow, so I deleted it the post and
went back to photoshop to fix them. I used clone stamp, blurring to get rid of
edges around the glow, liquify to fix the sleeve, smudging to fix the dress etc
etc. Lots of plastic surgery. It was worth it though, to save such a beautiful
capture.Selos Dae's magnificent geisha skin and Helyanwe Vindaloo's beautiful
new "Lovely" hair inspired this photoshoot... I was gallavanting as a pirate
until Hely sent out the fashcon notice announcing the hair... and then these
pictures had to be taken.

Kimono: Hakutsuru by Barerose

Parasol: Rumi "Red" from Nagaya "Little Tokyo" (freebie!)

Skin: "Geisha Curvy Fish" by Selos Dae of TRAP

Hair: "Lovely" (retextured) by Deviant Kitties

Eyes: "Indigo Glow" by Miriel

Please stop by her Flickr site to see this and other beautiful pictures she has posted at:

I was curious about what the word "Hakutsuru" means. After much searching, I found that Hakutsuru means "white crane". The word Hakutsuru is used in many ways; it a popular brand of sake, used in martial arts, used as a business name (or logo), and used in apparel designs.