Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sale! Cherry Tokyo's Kimono's

Cherry Tokyo Kimono's Shop is having a sale.
If you are in her update group, you already know, but if you are not-the following is for you! lol!
This is the SL post from the Cherry Tokyo Kimono Group:

Group Notice From: Cherry TokyoHeya! :3I am having a sale tomorrow and thursday. Everything in the shop will be discounted.. and then outside I will have a 50L wall of items I plan to discontinue after the sale.I've attached a sample furisode kimono just for my group members. I've made 20 of them so far and 20 more on the way :)See you at the sale tomorrow! <3>
If anyone knows of any other kimono sales, please email the details at artesiabe@gmail.com.
Happy Shopping

9/19/07 Update ******the sale will be extended to Friday!

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