Monday, September 3, 2007

SL Kimono Group Presents: China (Code) Red

I started a Flickr group called Second Life-Kimono. The plan was to have another place for SL photographers (any skill level) to feature pictures of people wearing kimonos in Second Life. I love looking at other Flickr member's work! Their vision, themes, attention to detail, the imagery, lighting, etc. is really wonderful to see. My current topic is kimonos, so I have to stick with that. lol!

The first Flickr member picture feature (and I am hoping to see more of her work) is the work of Code BastardRedgrave'. She recently had an exhibition and these are sneek peek photos of the exhibition (was on 8/25/07).

I give thanks to Her Red Hawtness (smiles) for submitted pics to the SL Kimono Flickr group!

China Red Sumari Code 2

China Red -Ryker Beck

China Red -Delllness Decuir and Codie

China Red -Ryker Beck

To see Code's China Red set at her Flickr site, click: China Red
To see Code's other pics on Flickr, click: Code BastardRedgrave

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