Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SL Kimono Group Presents: Lilith Lunardi

Today's post features Flickr SL Kimono Group Member Lilith Lunardi!

I would like to thank Lilith for her early participation in the Flickr SL Kimono group and allowing me to post her pics on my blog. *smiles She models the long and short kimonos and I love her poses. I love how she uses the background in her shots.
Lilith with kimono and sword at the gates of Moonlight Bay
Monarch Migration Kimono by SheOfTheSourSnailSuckers and Ashes Jin Geom katana.
Lilith lying in the snow in Nagaya in Juho
Lilith in the snow in Nagaya in Juho

Lilith on Syl's Beach in Cosy Cove

Lilith in the Romantic Ice Palace in Everfrost

Lilith with Shea Yue in her house in Henderson

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing Lilith's pics. To see more of Lilith's work on Flickr, please click Lilith Lunardi

If you'd like to see more Second Life Kimono Group pics Second Life Kimono, and if you are looking for another place to post your SL kimono pics, we would love to have you join us and and to view your great work. Felony Fabre has a great Flickr group SL Secrets of the Orient also.

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