Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

This is a cool website that my Flickr friends shared.
Yes, Wesley Snipes is my celebrity look alike! ROFL!
Go to My Heritage Face Recognition to find your celebrity look alikes.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Maiko or geisha putting on face make-up in Kyoto

This yet another good Youtube post of a young woman applying Geisha makeup.

I posted this to share the many steps, time, and art of her tranformation into the Geisha look.

Monday, October 15, 2007


I am proud to present Oola Neruda's kimono pics that is posted in the Flickr group, SL Kimono.

The pictures and poetry below is directly taken from the Flickr SL Kimono Group (click name to go to site).

(Forgive my formatting the poem quots. *smiles)

Please go to that site if you'd like to see the entire SL Kimono Flickr group pictures.

To see more of Oola's Flickr work exclusively, click Oola Nuruda.

In some of Oola's kimono pictures, she has include poems to share a mood or thought.

Geisha Dance

geisha dance
Someone has picked all our flowers

That's okay
There's more where those came from
We have no music to buy
We have our heart beats
to dance to
We aren't afraid to be different
We know where our differences lie
& our love tells the truth
Whose mournful cries are these?
Whose yelps of approval?
When will our howls be answered?
Where is the rest of our pack?

Time is stuck on now
because now is
the only time that counts
We're eye ballers
always looking to get an eyeful
We leave no broken hearts or heads behind
We invite them along
We 're the connection
We're the trip
Something clicks when we come together
We don't just read or write poetry
We are poetry

There's nothing exclusive about us
We say what everyone wants
but is afraid to say out loud
Our eyes are kind of wild
We know how to make ourselves at home
We're a cloudburst of delight
pouring ourselves out under love's spell
We're joy riders of the roaring sunrise
We're what nothing can stop
Death won't live long enough to see
the fire go out of our eyes
Steve Toth


Two Geishas

the geishas

fashion 7

fashion 7

Silohette 4

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anime Slideshow

I like the anime kimono girls. This nice presentation by savannahtourdot on Youtube.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Flower and Willow

My next kimono shopping trip took me to Flower and Willow owned by Hatsune Yoshikawa. In September, I arrived at her store in Java II to see what she had to offer.

This is the shop in Java II Island

There was a buy one, get one free sale at the time. If you join the update group, you will get a notice regarding sales and new releases, or you can click this link to see Flower and Willow's blog.

While looking at the kimonos, I found that Flower and Willow (F&W) offers a free Tomesode. I immediately put it on *giggles.
Sigh, which do I choose? lol!

Humm....I decided to buy the Jade Koi Kimono. Since there was a buy one get one free sale, I chose the Blue Crysantheum Kimono as my free item. I sent Hatsune an IM of my free selection, and she sent it to me in a very reasonable time.

I had to go back to one of F&W's shop and get more information saw that there were new releases. This photograph was at the Blue Lotus Okiya Location.
So I head back to the house to take some pictures. I start off with my Tomesode (free) pics.

Then, the Jade Koi Kimono.
I hope that you can see the koi, lilly pad embroidery detail on the kimono, and the white crane in the obi. Now it is time to see try on the Blue Chrysanthemum and Waterfalls Kimono that I selected as my free item.
Contact Hatsune Yoshikawa for custom work, she will be happy to do it, if she can.
Also, if you can't get their prim attachments to fit, she will be happy to do custom fitting if you send her a notecard with your shape details.
To go to the Flower and Willow Locations click any of the links:
To see more Flower and Willow kimono pictures, click Flickr sites:
A peaceful way to end the day. Hope your day was wonderful also!